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YOUTH: Harnessing the Idealism and Energy of Youth Is Essential for World Peace

In His Words: "Youth can become the initiators of change who will open a new age of true families, true nations and a true world. The true family is the nucleus of a peaceful world, for it is through true love handed down from parent to child that past, present and future generations are linked together in a consistent value system. True love is the starting point for all ideals. For young people, true love is a force more powerful than life itself." - Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle (World CARP)

CARPCARP assemblyFounded in 1964, CARP is a university student organization which promotes ideals and spirituality. It was first registered at Seoul National University and is now a registered student organization at hundreds of universities throughout the world. Led by Reverend Moon’s son Hyun Jin Preston Moon, a Harvard University graduate and inspiring youth leader, CARP holds campus educational seminars and large rallies around the world. International conventions are held in diverse venues from Bangkok to Berlin. Before the fall of communism, many CARP campus activities challenged atheistic communism when it was not politically correct. As the threat of Marxism declined, CARP has focused on issues of love and sex, sponsoring activities including rock concerts to promote abstinence and healthy relationships, preparing for successful marriages and leadership development.

Often CARP members attending a university live in a common house fostering a warm culture of community and learning to get along with others.

Service For Peace (SFP)

Service for PeaceFounded in 2001 by Reverend Moon’s son Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, Service For Peace is a service program for young people based on the belief that service to others, rather than tolerance alone, offers the real hope of lasting peace. Active in dozens of countries, youth work together on a wide variety of social service projects with the goal of overcoming religious, racial and cultural tensions by working together for the sake of others.

One project in Washington, D.C, won the President’s Gold Student Service Awards, signed by George W. Bush, in recognition of their summer of service in which 364 student volunteers worked alongside public schools officials to clean and prepare schools for the coming year and, according to the Washington Post, saved the District of Columbia over $400,000 in labor costs. Rallies of 20,000 and 22,000 young people in Japan and the Phillipines respectively resulted in hundreds of service projects in those nations.

Founder Hyun Jin Moon says that "Service For Peace is the visible expression of true love, and service is central to our identity."


YFWP in Tokyo Japan
Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon at FFWP convention in Tokyo Japan
Founded in 1994, and led by Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, YFWP is a dynamic movement of emerging young leaders to promote peace and serve the greater good. The three levels of YFWP programs are professional leadership training, family education and intercultural service projects. Harnessing the idealism and energy of youth is essential for building world peace. YFWP sponsors educational programs and service projects that promote character development, family values and an ethic of public service. National chapters and international activities encourage youth to transcend barriers of nationality, religion, race, culture and gender as preparation to be contributing members of a globalized society.

Special YFWP Accomplishment:
Helping to make unity between the divided Koreas a reality, YFWP has held numerous predecent-breaking peace seminars bringing together students from both North and South Korea in Beijing.

In Korea YFWP has 100,000 registered members in 273 urban districts and 3200 villages; in Japan thousands of members hold seminars on youth themes and carry out service projects; in the United
States a think tank is developing new ideas and programs to help develop today's youth as the hope of the future.

See Video International Inauguration Video by Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon

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