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Rev. Sun Myung Moon:

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Promoting Health and Building Peace

Reverend Moon is a major supporter of sports because in addition to their well-known health benefits, his vision is that enemities between nations, classes, religions and races should be fought out on a playing field rather than a battle field. He also sees sports activities as effective ways to reach out to young people who naturally respond to exciting activities such as martial arts and sports competitions. 


Soccer is the world’s favorite pastime and the only sport that is truly universal in popularity. Thus, soccer is a natural bridge between cultures, religions, races, ethnic groups and nations. Reverend Moon has invested resources in soccer because of his vision of the powerful unifying, peacemaking power of sports and soccer in particular.

Play Soccer, Make Peace

Play Soccer make peaceFounded in 2004 as a special project of the World Association for Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO), Play Soccer, Make Peace promotes peace by organizing soccer tournaments in conflict-prone regions working with local sports associations. Thus far, Soccer for Peace tournaments have taken place in 35 countries including India, Israel, Gaza, Nepal, the Philippines, Angola, Cambodia and the Congo. In addition to sponsoring soccer competitions, Play Soccer, Make Peace teaches principles of ethical behavior and sportsmanship which can be applied in daily life beyond the soccer field. Teamwork, self-control, the peaceful resolution of interpersonal conflict and mutual respect are some of the principles taught to both young persons and professional players. (Read more: http://www.wango.org/news/news/psmp.htm)

Sun Moon Soccer Foundation: Professional Soccer Teams in Korea and Brazil

Sum Moon SoccerIn the interest of promoting soccer as the only truly international sport with the power to unify the world, Reverend Moon founded professional soccer teams in both Korea and Brazil: the prominent Il Hwa Soccer Team in Seong Nam, Korea, and the Sorocaba Soccer Team in Brazil.

In 2005, in recognition of Reverend Moon's support for soccer in Korea, his top advisor, Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, was elected president of Korea’s top soccer league, the Korea  Professional Soccer League.

Sun Moon Peace Cup Tournaments

Peace CupFounded in 2002, the Sun Moon Peace Cup is an international soccer tournament held annually in Korea with a Men's Peace Cup and a Women's Peace Queen Cup tournaments. The Sun Moon Peace Cup promotes world peace through soccer games, transcending the barriers of ideologies and religions. In 2006 the first Peace Queen Cup was held, attracting professional women's soccer teams from around the world. It has enjoyed the presence and support of Pelé, the "King of Soccer," who formerly served as the Minister of the Sports Department in Brazil and was named "footballer of the century" by FIFA. The Peace Cup was born out of a desire to overcome ideological differences among nations, and bridge races and religions. The Peace Cup wishes to unite all people of the world in the name of football, a sport for peace and establish itself as a grand festival of true peace characterized by fair play and true sportsmanship. The goal of the Peace Cup is to harness the energy and splendor of football, the most popular international sport, to promote the unity of humankind and help realize world peace.


Martial artsMartial arts were originally created in ancient Asia to ensure stable and peaceful societies. Reviving this original purpose of martial arts, Reverend Moon is a major sponsor of martial arts programs and events. He recognizes martial arts as an especially important way to reach young people. Martial arts is a uniquely inspiring, enriching and exciting sport where young persons, and even gang members, can develop their physical abilities and at the same time learn principles that develop their character and leadership abilities.  

Martial Arts Federation for World Peace

Martial artsMartial artsFounded in 1997, the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace promotes martial arts as a way to achieve individual mind/unity, to give young people a healthy to way to channel their youthful energy and learn ethical principles, and to promote world peace through international tournaments. Delegates from 70 nations, including Grand Masters and Masters from the main martial arts schools, attended the 1997 inauguration. The Federation is unique in that it encourages members to study and practice many styles of martial arts and promotes martial arts programs that unify the strong points of individual martial arts schools.


A Path to God and Goodness

Reverend Moon is an avid fisherman. From his own deep experiences on the ocean, he has found that the ocean is one of his best places for prayer, meditation, healthy exercise and mental stimulation.

Ocean Challenge

Martial artsBegun in 1980, Ocean Challenge is an ocean-going training program for young persons, students and religious leaders. Ocean Challenge is active in many countries including the United States, Korea, Japan, Australia, Uruguay and Panama. Fishing on the ocean builds character as young and old can learn invaluable lessons in teamwork, determination, perseverance and responsibility.


Interreligious Peace Sports Festival (IPSF)

This is a global interfaith and intercultural athletic event held every other year. Young sportsmen and sportswomen from around the world attend IPSF in the spirit of cooperation and compete as representatives of their religion, culture and nation. During the Festival athletes have opportunities to take part in cultural programs, educational workshops and service projects. These activities contribute to the spirit of friendship and cooperation.

Rev. Moon with Pele
Pele visited Rev. Moon in Korea
Pelé, the Former Minister of Sports for Brazil, has acknowledged that the “Sports Festival is offering sports as a way to promote friendship and peace. This is an excellent opportunity for young athletes of all cultures to contribute to building a spirit of peace.” The Interreligious Peace Sports Festival appeals to athletes to use and invest their talents to go beyond competitive excellence in sports, creating unique opportunities that promote greater global understanding.

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