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Rev. Sun Myung Moon:

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Bringing together the Medical Wisdom of the East and the West

Recognizing the value of both Eastern and Western medicine, Reverend Moon has funded several pioneering educational programs and founded two hospitals that pioneer the best of Eastern and Western medicine.

Cheong Shim Hospital, Cheong Pyeong, Korea

HospitalFounded in 2003, the Cheong Shim Hospital is one the few hospitals in the Orient that provide a full range of both Western medicine and Oriental medicine. The hospital with its state-of-the-art medical facilities is located two hours from Seoul at the beautiful mountain resort area of Cheong Pyeong. Patients upon entering choose whether they want a Western doctor or an Oriental doctor or both.
The hospital is adjacent to the famous Cheong Pyeong Spiritual Retreat Center, where thousands of people from around the world seek spiritual healing for their illnesses. The hospital is unique also in recognizing the validity of spiritual healing and making spiritual healing an integral part of its healing practices.

Isshin Hospital, Japan

HospitalFounded in 1978, Isshin Hospital is one of the few Japanese hospitals that integrates both Oriental and Western medicine. The hospital also coordinates an overseas medical service which sends teams of doctors and nurses to the world’s most impoverished areas.



University of Bridgeport Graduate Schools of Alternative Medicine, Connecticut, USA

The Graduate School of the University of Bridgeport, supported by a grant from the Professors World Peace Academy, provides education in alternative Oriental and Western medical treatments including graduate degrees in acupuncture, naturopathy and chiropractic medicine.

Il Hwa Company Health Beverages, Korea

In 1970, Reverend Moon founded Il Hwa Company to produce tea and health drinks from ginseng, the Orient's most proven health herb. Today Il Hwa is one of the world’s largest ginseng companies using exclusively Korean ginseng, proven to be the most potent. In addition to ginseng tea and soft drinks, Il Hwa produces a wide variety of other health beverages including the popular McCol, a delicious alternative soft drink made with barley and based on a healthy Korean traditional beverage.

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