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Rev. Moon


Reverend Moon’s sermons are given spontaneously without notes. He gives sermons to both small and large groups on a daily basis. His sermon “preparation” is hours of prayer in the late night and early hours of the morning. He speaks without any notes and usually for several hours; his record speaking time is 16 hours with no break. 
There are 450 published volumes of his sermons, with more underway. Reverend Moon holds the world record for number for published sermons by any religious leader.


The sermon below, one of thousands, makes it clear why so many people regard Reverend Moon as one of the great spiritual teachers.

How to Gain Spiritual Help - A sermon given November 27, 1978.

What attitude do we need to nurture in order to move the spirit world? We need to change our concepts. Our attitude is an environment that must be prepared in order to receive spiritual help. We must use holy words and make ourselves channels to receive spiritual power.

Actually, the spirit world wants to be part of everything we have and do. They want to be involved to such a great extent. So whatever we may look at, we must search for the nobility in it, and treat it as if it were owned directly by royalty. Then everything becomes like an expensive antique, a God-given treasure. Each object is waiting for your touch, hoping to feel the vibration of God through you.

Consider all things holy. Why does a handkerchief owned by a holy man become so valuable? Because of the vibration of the holy man. So you, too, should give all things a holy value. When you touch something, feel that you are giving it glory.

The same holds true for the people we meet and live with. When you see another person, how much do you care for him or her? How do you feel towards that person? You must really love each person you meet, because he or she is the temple of God. When you touch another person, feel that through your touch, both of you will be blessed.

We have two aspects, mind and body. Our true mind wants to touch our body with heart and give love to it. We should think of our mind as God's mind, because God loves it and that is where He dwells. Look at each man or woman as a holy person. Regard each person's body as sacred and their mind as hallowed.

If you live like this, you will soon hear a small voice inside of yourself, the sound of your mind. Wherever you walk, no evil or darkness can remain. Only good spirits can touch you if you create such an atmosphere. If you place yourself in such a position, then spirit world will pour down upon you its abundant blessing and power.

You must attract this power from the spirit world and then weld yourself to it. Make it one with your body, so that even your arms and legs feel special. When you are in bed, even if it is a sleeping bag, your surroundings will become like a king's palace; your body will be resting in a king's bed.

You must name yourself as the dwelling place of God. Then all good spirits will touch you. When you go to bed, lie down with a beautiful mind. Remove all ugliness from it. In the morning when you wake, come before the deep bosom of God, and then, when you go out to work, you will embark from the throne of God.

The spirit world is always around you, listening and attentive. Always be aware that it is within your reach. If you keep thinking this way, then you will be able to control your circumstances. Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along God's frequency. Resonate with God's unselfishness.

If you partake of this resonance with God, then when you see someone, you will automatically be able to sense what type of person he is. Sometimes you will be able to see your own spirit man with your own eyes. Train yourself and discipline yourself to develop this capacity. If you live this way, you will be always able to act in the right way when an emergency arises.

You are in competition with the spirit world, so you must be determined to surpass it. The position of a true man or woman is to control the spirit world, not the other way round. With prayer coming from deep within your mind, you can move a person from outside to inside. Become a magnet, a mover of people's spirits; become a spiritual magnet, drawing people with love. Maintain this condition or attitude, and then your prayer will become a reality.

Pray with all your heart, focusing your mind and soul on the object of your prayer, otherwise your mind will become restless and hasty. In the life of prayer, you must make the time to pray. Sit down-even if it takes eight hours-and pray; this time will never be wasted. Then you can go out and work eight hours for God. Therefore, be prayerful now and then go out, you and God together. If you have to write a sermon, for instance, the spirit world will help you prepare it. If you go out, the spirit world will lead you. You will discover the feeling of breaking through; you will become selfless, feeling the power of your mind and body pulling together in harmony.

So the key word for this kind of life is respect.
Respect all things as holy things.
Respect all men as holy men.
Respect yourself as a holy person.
Respect your mind as holy.
Respect your body as holy.
Pay deep respect to all people, no matter what kind of person they may be. As a child, be respectful towards an elderly person. Think over your words three times before uttering them and always have a humble attitude.

Always share with others the best thing you have. Empty your pocketbook to give; then you will deserve the best result. If you do not do good for your fellowman, you will have no sleep; if you have done good, then your mind will rest in peace. Unpack the dirty elements inside yourself and cleanse them. Open up the baggage of your mind and look what you find there. Don't harbor selfish feelings; repent publicly for any selfish feelings you may have entertained. Practice the virtue of meekness.

If you push yourself to develop these attitudes, then the spirit world must descend to assist you. The spirit world is using so many channels by which to come down and participate in God's providence; they will choose the best one to use first.

In any church a true leader must be able to mobilize the spirit world. When you touch it, all kinds of phenomena start to occur-some very strange, some very wonderful. Don't be manipulated by them. You be the subject. Don't let yourself be driven by strange phenomena; before this, you may have had to face these challenges all alone, but now you have a clearer understanding.

You already know the secret of tapping power from the spirit world; witness to others, pouring out all your heart, soul and mind for them. When I was in prison camp, I would pray, and prisoners would just come to me and stand there. When they were introduced to me through the guidance of spirit world they would cling to me.

You, too, can develop that energy. The problem is that you are often too distant from thinking about the spiritual dimension: holy things, holy mankind, holy temple, holy mind. When I was in the worst of situations, lonely and hungry, a revelation would come or an important guest would appear before me. When I needed money, the spirit world would guide someone to me. Spirit world is never far away; they can cooperate with us. We should always feel that we are not doing quite enough, and that we always have to try harder.

Act with the support of the spirit world. If they are behind you, you will never be lonely, you will always have energy and power. Even though you may be penniless, still - have no fear. You can be adventurous and bold. On the road of success, the more you walk, the further you yearn to go.

Who knows how long he or she will live? Maybe tomorrow you will die, at a mere 25 or 30 years of age. Do you have some guarantee from God as to how long you will live? No one has such a guarantee.

A wise person thinks like this: "I have only a short time to live. Within this time I must prepare myself for eternity. The way I live in the next two years wil be the model for my eternal life." Then explode your sense of love. Love God, and love another person as God. For an entire day, 24 hours, pour out your entire energy for someone. If you love a person like this, even though you may die early, you will have made the highest accomplishment in all eternity. Then when God gives you more time to live, your response will be immense gratitude. Push yourself to live more fully. The person who expects death and then is given life dwells in the fullest gratitude.

Leave behind something that God can praise. Each moment is so precious-there is no time for worry or frustration. The person who recognizes that earthly life is short compared to eternity and, therefore, condenses his accomplishments is a wise man indeed. Think about what "label" you wear spiritually on your forehead. Ask yourself how many people, how many clans, how many tribes, how many nations you have loved.

Seek to become that master of love. Program your life like that, and you will never be a loser. Plan as if you only had two years to live, and then by the third year, when you are still alive, think of the joy of living! This is "resurrected" living. I still have so much to do-love my wife, love my children, love all mankind. I have to love my church; I must pay indemnity for all mankind; I need to liberate man from sin. I am determined to leave behind tremendous assets.

When you work, you must love that business, love the products you work with, and, of course, love the people. Always give honor to the other people. God created us, but we are also shaping ourselves and restoring our original value. Return a portion of what you earn to God as a tithe. Give one-tenth to the local church, one-tenth to the national level work and one-tenth for the worldwide level-three-tenths in all.

When you give to others, don't think that you are giving to them out of your own pocket. Give out as though it were coming from a heavenly treasure. Then the person who is receiving through you is actually receiving from God. The spirit world can then help you, and God will remember everything and return it to you ten times over.

Make your company a dwelling of God; don't just feel like a worker or supervisor. Invest your heart in your work. Determine to make it a business that will serve all people. Then wherever your business goes, it becomes God's "love extension." Whatever you are responsible for, give it your heart and soul on a 24-hour basis; feel like you are the parent and it is your baby.

Whatever you do, think that you are carrying it out in partnership with God. Feel that you are the second owner and pour all your love into it. The one who loves something the most is the ultimate owner. When you give love, you will attain infinite value.


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