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Rev. Sun Myung Moon:

Testimonies about Him


Testimonies about Reverend Moon

Reverend Moon’s teachings are presented in two forms: Divine Principle, his teachings based in the Judeo-Christian scripture, and Unification Principles, his teachings presented for people of all faiths and backgrounds. As a Korean Christian, Reverend Moon first presented his teachings to reach out to the Christian sphere. Later, as his mission expanded worldwide, the same teachings were presented for people of all faiths as the Unification Principles.
  • New Directions for a World in Crisis
    Mr. Arnaud de Borchgrave
    Editor-at-Large of The Washington Times and  United Press International (UPI)  Former Editor-in-Chief of the Washington Times and  former senior editor of Newsweek magazine.
  • He Helped to Make Me a Better Human Being
    Dr. Morton A. Kaplan
    Distinguished Service Professor in Political Science, Emeritus, The University of Chicago
  • In Praise of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon
    Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein
    President Emeritus, Distinguished Professor of Religion, University of Bridgeport
  • See How They Love One Another
    Dr. Paul R. Swanson
    Professor Emeritus Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
  • Rev. Sun Myung Moon: A Passionate Pluralist
    Dr. Cromwell Crawford
    Chairman, Department of Religion, University of Hawaii
  • History is the Biography of a Few Stout Persons
    Dr. Nicholas N. Kittrie, KtSJ
    Chairman, Eleanor Roosevelt Institute for Justice and Peace, Washington, D.C.
  • Reverend Moon: A Humanist without Parallel in Contemporary History
    Shahjahan Mian
    Chief News Editor, Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha

True Love Quote

"Today our world needs drastic change in order to become God-centered. I came to call for that change. The Divine Principle will bring about a revolution of man. The power of this truth is touching millions of human lives and igniting hundreds of thousands of them. It will bring about the true, lasting unification of the family of man and the world." - Rev. Sun Myung Moon


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